Air Dehydrator

 This air dehydrator can be fited the dirt、humidity、oil etc., maintenance-free & free trouble of failure 、Since、that is an economic & necessary companion of air compressors.


Model TFD-3 TFD-5 TFD-10 TFD-20 TFD-30
Compatible air compressor 3HP 5HP 10HP 20HP 30HP
Used air pressure 8~10kg/cm2
Inlet orifice 1/2" 1" 1-1/2" 1-1/2" 2"
Outlet orifice 1/4"*4 1"*1 1/4"*4 1-1/2" 1-1/2" 2"
● The air compressor over than 40HP which available on request