Airless Spray Series

 The spray in an airless system is formed by forcing the paint or fluid through a very small orifice at extremel hi-pressures atomization of the fluid occures without the use of large amounts of thinner or air jets , hence, the airless spray can be achieved the quick film build and energy, fluid cost reduced furthermore,those are meeted with environmental protecting requirement, good of maneuerrability, The spray can be operated either structures,coating lines, zinc powder painting, ships painting, grouting sinkage, steel fabricators & water proof replenishing etc., can be also suited.


TA-10018 TA-10032 TA-34020
Pressure ratio 18:1 32:1 20:1
Air pressure 100 psi 100 psi 100 psi
Output per cycle 72 ccm 72 ccm 225 ccm
Air consumption 10L/min 10L/min 34L/min