Typical Applications For Air Motors Part2

This drum pumps can be transferred from low to high viscosity fluid, stimulativeness or mildness solvent, contained fabric or un-containd fabric flued, polypropylene, lubricants, various oil, shampoo, , lotion, PU plue resin 、 paste & adhesive material of foods etc..

Model TKE-30
Driving motor 0.4kw
Rev. speed 360rpm
Deliv. vol. 0.75m3/hr
Deliv. orifice 3/4"
Model TSP-A1 TSP-A2
Max. inlet pressure 100 psi 100 psi
Deliv. vol. 120L/min (20呎揚程) 28L/min (20呎揚程)
Air consumpyion 22CMF 28CMF
Rev. speed 7500RPM 8000RPM