Radiation Piston Type Air Motors

The radiation piston type air motors whichis being each piston & rotating shaft by connecting rod linked and the rotating shaft be drived by sequence compressed air actuated piston, the rev. speed of air motors can be adjusted randomly, i.e. large input air volume for volume, Especially, there isn't any spark during in processing, hi-safty, the installing direction can be canged randomly, otherly, that can be installing directin can be changed randomly, otherly, that can be installed with speed reduver or braking unit, wide applications.


Model Speed 
reducing ratio
Max. output RPM No. of cyl. Air 
Power Torgue
TAM4-010 1:1 73.5w 0.637N.m 1100 3 200L/min 1.45 kgs
TAM4-015 125w 1.37N.m 900 3 260L/min 2.5 kgs
TAM4-030 228w 2.94N.m 750 5 400L/min 4.6 kgs
TAM1-507 735w 23.5N.m 300 5 1000L/min 15 kgs