Portable Air Powered Double Diaphragm Pumps

◎The air powered double diaphragm pumps is employed the compressed air for actuated source and moved diaphragm reciprocatively and changed the volyme of pump's actuated chamber, meanwhile, the pressure in the chamber will changed reciprocatively also, Since, the fluid will flowed under reciprocative changed pressure, so that, the fluid be transferred from here to there, Moreover, there is no spark druring in processing, thus,that can be used at coating field need more higher safety required.
Any how paint, flexographic inks, dyes, adhesive,ceramics, food raw material, food additives, industrial waste fluid, oils, water based solvent, commerical commodity, chemical material, resins & cooling releasing spraying for Zn-Al die casting or plastic injecting moulding etc., to transferring fluid. furthermore,also can be connected with air spray guns, electis-static spray guns & auto spray guns etc., being with little dimension 、light weight 、easy operation、even fluid transfer & large volume etc., advantages

The installing can be divided into rugged cast stand 、cover/pail mounted or wall mounted etc..


Model TFL-P038
Pressure ratio 1:1
Required air pressure 2~3kg/cm2
Max. paint pressure 7kg/cm2
Deliv. cap.
5 LPM(0.4kg/cm2) 7.5 LPM(2kg/cm2) 10.5LPM(3kg/cm2)
Deliv. speed 80~60times /min(0.4~5 kg/cm2)